Yongchuan Hospital
Of Chongqing Medical University

Yongchuan Hospital Of Chongqing Medical University, is a state-level first-class comprehensive medical university affiliated hospital, which integrates medical treatment, first aid, preventive health care, rehabilitation, teaching and scientific research. It is recognized by the National Health and Family Planning Commission as an international emergency rescue center network hospital, a planned regional medical center in Chongqing, a Yongchuan Branch of Chongqing Medical Emergency Center, and a designated medical institution for instant settlement of medical insurance networking across provinces and different places. It is the standardized resident training base of the State Health Planning Commission, the standardized training base of clinical pharmacists of the State Health Planning Commission, the national drug clinical trial institution...

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Address:439 Xuanhua Road, Yongchuan District, Chongqing

Postal code: 402160


TEL:023-85381609 023-85381600 (Night and holiday)

Emergency Call:120 Or 023-85381636

Customer Service: 023-85377402